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Probate & Estate Matters

Estate issues tend to become very emotional by adding turmoil and stress. Litigation can further deplete resources and fairly guarantees an outcome displeasing to much of the family. My mediation acknowledges the sensitivities family members may hold. Healing starts when a family manages to begin working together to find solutions. The involvement of a neutral third party mediator is often the key.

Mediation can help prevent further damage to relationships. In fact, the process of working together to find solutions can help heal the strained relations between parties. Each person involved will hear the genuine concerns and underlying interests surrounding the disagreement, often involving memories or reasons for attachment to certain things. These heartfelt expressions of emotion will often bring about a deeper, more sympathetic understanding of the motivations for the disagreement… taking the focus off of the material possessions and putting it back onto the family and what is fair and best for each loved one encouraging compromise.

During these disputes I help facilitate discussion and reach resolution but in these cases in particular, I am listening carefully for the root concerns of each individual which are often very complex and often not expressed clearly. Motivations, needs, and interests are often intertwined and difficult to communicate so I may assist at certain times by helping an individual to clarify and convey to the rest of the family exactly why the matter of disagreement is of such importance to them.

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