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Family Mediation

Few issues are more complicated and emotional than those involved with the end of a relationship. On top of these life changes, you are left to work through fully separating your lives — oftentimes involving disagreements over divorce, property, finances, debt, child custody & visitation, alimony, and more.  It is overwhelming and breakdowns in communication can bring expensive battles within a court system.

Family courts & lawyers in Charleston will sometimes recommend family mediation to resolve disputed issues in the depth and detail that may be required for a complete and final resolution. It is estimated that for family law issues mediation costs 80-90% less than litigation because the process is direct and simplified. The informal back-and-forth communication used during family mediation allows for efficient resolution and the focus is on collaboratively deciding on what is best for each member of the family or relationship through a cooperative, peaceful give-and-take. This process and having me, a mediator in Charleston SC, present to avoid personal attacks can actually improve communication and respect in the damaged relationship. The goal of family law mediation is to approach all the issues brought about by separation searching for win-win scenarios through calm, open, and honest discussion. The mediation process creates an informal, but confidential, forum where each of your concerns can be fully communicated while keeping the many sensitive discussions and private personal matters confidential. Sometimes the lawyers participate, sometimes not.

Throughout the mediation process, I am there to provide guidance, explore potential options, suggest possible solutions, and ultimately assist you in finding a settlement that satisfies everyone’s needs. It is a simple, humane approach to working through issues that keeps all parties in equal control of the outcome as opposed to a win-lose battle. If there are hard feelings and face-to-face communication does not seem possible or comfortable, I can work with individuals in separate rooms acting as a go-between to keep discussion focused and avoid confrontation or anger.

Later on, maybe years down the road, if situations, needs, or circumstances change, I am available to revisit the issues to maintain, modify or tune-up a more satisfactory agreement before resorting to litigation in family law.

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