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Business Disputes

When commercial or business disputes arise, after failing to find common ground on their own, the parties will often turn to lawyers and the litigation process without considering mediation, which is essentially assisted negotiation. It is faster, cheaper, and confidential protecting the company’s public images and the principal’s reputations by keeping the dispute and any information regarding the dispute private.

Contract Disputes

When a contract dispute arises the goal is to quickly resolve it so that everyone can get back to business. But it’s also important to ensure the matter is settled fairly and amicably to prevent hostility that can leads to further disruptions and disagreements down the road or cause a company to lose an important contract over a relatively minor dispute that can easily be settled through mediation. Oftentimes multiple companies and contractors, and many business documents, are involved during a contract disagreement. I am able to accommodate the complexities of these situations. Prior to the mediation meeting I will be intimately familiar with the documentation and contracts involved in the dispute. During the mediation I serve as a neutral third party who is able to moderate discussion between multiple parties and provide unbiased assistance to all parties by helping to untangle the complexities of the issues, identify exactly what happened and why, and assist all parties in reaching a resolution that satisfies everyone’s concerns. Once resolution is reached, the original documents may need to amended or an entirely new contract created to reflect the terms of the disputes resolution.

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