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Justice Without the Hassle

Mediation vs. Litigation

You Have Control

Mediation allows you to work with the other party to find solutions that satisfy your concerns. Nothing is imposed. Importantly all parties are on equal footing so they may communicate their concerns.


Legal System Controls

During litigation, you take a passive role in the dispute that effects you personally. The court process determines the schedule and the outcome is controlled by lawyers, judges, or a jury.

Confidential & Private

We sign a Confidentiality Agreement ensuring no one can share anything we discuss. In fact, I cannot ever be called as a witness in a trial so you are able to share everything. After mediation our final agreement is secured by me and nothing goes public.


Public Forum & Record

During the litigation process almost every word is transcribed and becomes publicly accessible. This can discourage people from bringing up embarrassing or sensitive information even though it may help their case.

Efficient & Fast

Mediation is a direct, simple, and familiar process. I ensure we stay focused and help guide both parties toward a satisfying resolution — drawing on my expertise, my experience brings a fresh, neutral perspective on the issues at hand.


Time Consuming

Litigation does involve time. Your day in court may be scheduled months from now leaving your dispute unresolved till then. You speak to your lawyer, who then communicates your case through litigation which can add to the time.

Cost Effective

My reasonable hourly fee is split equally with the other party and my mediation process is direct and efficient so disputes can be resolved as quickly as agreements are reached. Mediation can often mean avoiding attorneys fees and costs of court.


Litigation is Expensive

The litigation process can go on for months if not years. Costs and fees add up quickly and continuously. Meetings, discovery, depositions, and trials can turn a dispute into an expensive ordeal.

Mutual Respect

Mediation is a dignified process of working together to find “win-win” solutions. Through back-and-forth discussion we focus on finding common ground and achieving creative solutions. I am there to assure peaceful, respectful discussions.


A Different Way

Litigation pits one party against another. “Win-lose” outcomes are common so parties work against each other encouraging a “win at any cost” approach. Litigation can leave scars for everyone and satisfaction for both parties may not exist.