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My Mediation Process

Simple, Comfortable & Effective


Let’s Talk

Every situation is different and I’m sure you’d like to know how mediation, or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) would work for your specific dispute and its complexities. Call me, or ask your lawyer to call me at 843.566.3646 or send me a message through my Contact page — I’ll be in touch as soon as I am able.


Our Private Location & Time

Unresolved disputes are stressful. While working with me an important part to the process is finding a peaceful zone for open discussion. My office on Broad St. offers privacy everyone wants, but I am open to meet at another quiet and comfortable location. You will never be required to face and confront the other side if that is not in your comfort zone.


Lay Everything Out

We begin the mediation process with each party communicating their concerns and desired outcomes. No issue is irrelevant. If it matters to you, I want it to be addressed. This is often done in a series of discussions both joint and private. Once all the issues are exhaustively compiled, we have an agenda.


Working Together is Success

We discuss every aspect of the dispute from the list. Some issues may seem unlikely to be resolved. This is where a neutral third party really helps tease out options for you. Underlying concerns are addressed to find common ground so everyone may feel success. However, a mediator never imposes his own solution or judgment. Never.


Peace Treaty

Once an agreement is reached, I hand write a document . The document carefully describes the exact terms of the agreement. Both parties review every item, then sign and date the agreement. This can be the “Memorandum of Settlement” used as the basis of concluding a lawsuit already brought.


Closure & Peace of Mind

The mediation process is over. You have been guided to completeness and satisfaction by a sensitive and experienced mediator. It’s the new way to move forward.

Start Your Mediation Today

I know from experience that unresolved disputes can cause stress, grief, and the discomfort of uncertainty. Please contact me to discuss how I can help resolve your dispute.