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What is Arbitration and Mediation

Laws and regulations are put in place to ensure law and order, and to create a level playing field for two parties to interact on. However disputes are bound to arise as we interact with each other, but the more important thing is how we resolve these issues. In the United States there are four recognized mediums of conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation. In this article we would focus on the difference between mediation and arbitration. Continue reading →

The Reasons to Use Mediation in a Business Dispute

Mediation is among the wisest ways for businesses and organizations to reconcile conflicts. When parties agree to mediation, the resolution process is not only less stressful, but more affordable as well. Continue reading →

Litigation and Mediation Differences

Mediation may be able to settle disputes between two or more parties. The turmoil may well be addressed prior to court or while in the case is being litigated.

Let’s have a discussion just how mediation is useful for those in a dispute. Mediation can address disputes in family law, business, workplace issues, and probate and estate complications. Mediation includes its own advantages versus litigation for parties in a courtroom scenario or considering avoiding the courthouse.

Continue reading →

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