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About Ben

Ben Willis practiced law for over 25 years in Macon, GA. He is a member of the Georgia Bar and maintains admission to the Georgia and Federal Courts. When he moved to Charleston, he had the opportunity to step back and take a fresh look at his professional life. He reflected on his experience, his strengths and talents, and considered how he could best serve his clients. He no longer practices law. He passed the South Carolina Bar exam in 2011 and is not a member of the South Carolina Bar

As a former full time litigator he saw the inefficiency, cost, and stressful turmoil public courtroom battles created for people. His experiences with the judicial system led him to appreciate the many advantages and benefits of mediation over litigation. After careful consideration, he chose to specialize in alternative dispute resolution and opened his Broad Street office, convinced that ADR is a better way to resolve many disputes. He was certain that as a mediator he could help people avoid the problems and flaws of the legal system while achieving better outcomes at much less expense. Utilizing his extensive experience with conflict, his negotiation and arbitration skills, and his gift for understanding his clients’ nuanced concerns regarding complex disputes, he helps them devise creative solutions that meet both parties’ needs and creates mutually satisfying outcomes.

Ben’s deep-seated belief in what he does shows in his concern for his clients and how earnestly he helps them find common ground. His conflict resolution process is intentionally straightforward, flexible, and comfortable. He is focused on attaining peaceful, lasting closure and satisfaction with complete confidentiality. He is a neutral third party and avoids outside influence and alliances. His practice is not a part of the South Carolina legal and judicial system.

Bennett T. Willis, Jr. graduated from Sewanee and earned his law degree from Mercer University in 1986. Since then he has led a distinguished career practicing law in various positions such as municipal trial judge, Assistant Public Defender, a member of a law firm and operating a solo practice. He served as President of the Macon Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers before moving to the Charleston area. His skill, reputation, and experience have led to invitations to consult and speak for numerous professional organizations.


Bennett Willis - A Charleston SC Mediator