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It's Time to Play Fair...

Mediation - Better Alternative Dispute Resolution

Wait, Don't Litigate!

Mediation saves you time, money, and the inconveniences of litigation. It is an alternative approach that helps you find satisfying resolution as efficiently as possible — peacefully and privately

What is Mediation? Why Choose?

I Want to Help You

I have a gift for understanding what matters most to my clients and a genuine concern for  them. My courtroom experience fuels my passion for being a mediator — as it has taught me that mediation is a better solution for most cases for you and your lawyer.

Learn About Me And Why I Mediate

Fairness Assured

Each party is on equal ground during alternative dispute resolution. Nothing is imposed on you, everything is agreed on by everyone, and even the fees are split equally…it’s win-win.

How My Mediation Process Works

Let's Talk Today

Disputes fester rather than heal with time. The sooner we get started, the better. We can privately discuss your matter and any questions you have about mediation over the phone. I look forward to hearing from you or your attorney.

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Mediation Service That Makes Sense:



You or your lawyer can start today by contacting me with questions or concerns. I am happy to discuss whether mediation is appropriate for your situation. It is never too late to start the mediation service, even if you already have a lawyer and working through the court system. Everyone's welcome.

Bennett's Process


Mediation begins by getting clarity on every aspect of the conflict. A complete list of each party's concerns is created therefore no detail of the situation is unimportant or irrelevant. Each issue is discussed as I help facilitate calm, solution-oriented discussion. What's fair is fair.

Bennett's Process


When the mediation is complete a "Memorandum of Settlement" is created detailing all aspects of the agreements made. The document is reviewed by all parties and signed only if you feel your concerns are satisfied, the solutions are fair, and the dispute is fully resolved.

Disputes I Help Resolve